At Wellpark we use different programmes and resources to support our children to develop their numeracy skills.

What is Numicon?

Numicon is a teaching resource designed to help children visualise numbers. From this visual picture they can see how we can add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers and the relationships between these. The different coloured Numicon shapes represent different numbers. Numicon is multi-sensory.

What is SEAL?

SEAL or stages of arithmetical learning is a programme that we use to assess children's numercy skills and help them develop their number skills.

Why Do We Use SEAL?

This approach aims to develop children's number sense.

This is done through teaching 4 different topics

Number Word Sequences - Being able to say numbers forwards and backwards

Numerals - Recognising numerals

Number Structure - Sequencing number and knowing what number is missing

Counting Strategies - Being able to count different patterns, make finger patterns and clap out numbers.

Whilst we use these programmes we teach children numeracy and mathematics using a variety of active, exciting experiences which help them to develop their numeracy skills in creative ways.

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