The Story Grammar programme follows a specific set of procedures (Visual-Spatial Modelling) for helping young children develop a love of story, ownership of story language and a profound understanding of story structure.

The storygrammer approach helps children develop their skills when sequencing and learning about stories. It encourages them to look more in depth at stories and how they are structured. This gives them skills which help them when learning phonics and reading in school.

Where does Key to Learning come from?

Key to Learning is based on the ideas which were developed by psychologists and educationalists from the Vygotskian school: Zaporozhets, Venger, Diachenko and Veraksa. Ongoing research projects confirm that the Key to Learning curriculum has a profound and positive impact on young children’s achievements.

What changes can we expect to see in the children?

This approach to developing learning abilities produces significant changes in the children. It facilitates self development, helping children become independent learners. They begin to plan and organise their own activities, openly express their point of view, provide creative solutions to various problems, interact freely with other people and – most importantly – believe in themselves and their abilities.

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