Wellpark Makes A Mark

Wellpark Makes a Mark

At Wellpark Children’s Centre we aim to:

Support children to become confident mark makers and budding writers.
Ensure the children can experience activities which will support the development of their fine finger movements and hand and eye coordination.
Use their mark making skills in all areas of their learning

We support children’s make making skills in both playroom.
In the 2-3 playroom we will ensure that the children are learning
Enjoy making marks with fingers and hands using a variety of tools/equipment and materials.
Make purposeful marks and explain with support what they have drawn.
The learning outcomes in the Curriculum for excellence states that children should
enjoy exploring interesting materials for writing and different ways of recording their experiences and feelings, ideas and information as they pay and learn.

Support Mark Making At Home

At Home you can support your child’s mark making through a variety of activities such as:

Role play pretending to write your shopping list, party invitation etc.
Baking , stirring the mixture or kneading playdough.
Small inset puzzles.
Painting with water on the path.
Digging and using a stick to make lines in the dirt.
Learning to button or zip up jackets.
Playing with small construction

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