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What is an Eco-School?
The aim of the Eco-Schools programme is to make environmental awareness and action a part of the life and ethos of the nursery for both children, parents and staff, and to engage the wider community.

What does this involve?
Every year children are chosen to be on the Eco Committee. This is a special job and the Eco Committee are responsible for setting targets for the whole nursery. We make plans for 2 years and develop different topics to take action. After two years we apply for a Green Flag and Eco Schools will inspect our work and award a Green Flag.

What areas do Eco Schools cover?
The eco schools programme involves exploring the following 10 Topics.

• Litter
• Waste Minimisation
• Energy
• Water
• Health and Well-being
• Biodiversity
• School Grounds
• Sustaining our World
• Transport
• Food and the Environment

This year our chosen topics of action are Litter, Health & Wellbeing & Waste.

What will we be Learning?

Whilst taking action on our chosen topics we will be learning

to use signs, books or other texts to find useful or interesting information and I use this to plan
make choices or learn new things
Within and beyond my place of learning, I can reduce, re-use and recycle
To help care for the environment, to explore and appreciate the wonder of nature within different environments and have played a part in caring for the environment.
To Represent my class, school and/or wider community encourages my self-worth and confidence and allows me to contribute to and participate in society.
About healthy foods and how foods grow.

How can you help your child be aware of environmental issues?


Children are very aware of their surroundings and often see litter on the streets and in parks. You can: Discuss littering with your child. Encourage the use of litter bins. Give reasons why we should not drop litter

Waste Minimisation

All households in Inverclyde have recycle bins, parents should involve there children in this process. You can discuss what can be recycled Get them to help rinsed out your recycling bottles, yoghurt cartons etc. Re use items where possible; take old clothes to charity shops, make models with old boxes etc. Talk about way we are recycling e.g. saving trees, cutting down land fill etc

Health and Well-being

Parents can teach their child the importance of exercise, eating a healthy diet and keeping safe. You can Encourage your child to eat fruit and vegetables Play outdoors Visits local parks etc Visit the Dentist Teach road safely These are just some of the ways you can encourage a healthy life style. These healthy habits in childhood will last a life time. Please click on the links on the left for more information.

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