Lunches & Snack


Healthy eating is promoted within the nursery by providing healthy snacks at each session. There is a varying menu on offer which includes milk or water. The menus are devised in conjunction with the NHS Guidance "Setting the Table" 2015. An example of a typical week’s menu includes fruit, cheese, cereals, toast and yoghurt. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated where necessary.

The children are given opportunities to learn about healthy eating through planned activities which include games, creative activities and preparing and tasting healthy foods.

Birthdays are celebrated within the child’s own group. The nursery will provide a small sponge cake and special treat. Parents are asked not to bring in cakes or treats as these are provided.

We do not provide lunches within the nursery. Children who have a lunchtime place are required to provide a healthy packed lunch which can include a sandwich, yogurt and fruit. The nursery will provide a drink of milk or water.

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