Parental Involvement

helpParental Partnerships

At Wellpark Children’s Centre we recognise that parents are the first and most important educators of their child and that it is important to have effective partnership between parents and staff to enable us to provide a quality environment for learning. We provide opportunities for parents to discuss their child's development with staff. We provide opportunities for parents to share in their child’s learning experience. We encourage parents to share their skills with the children. We enable parents to participate in nursery activities and groups. We consult with parents regularly on the service provided which can influence and improve practice. We provide opportunities for parents to build on and share their own parenting experiences.

Parent Groups 

At present we have:

  • A parent/ staff group which meets once every 6-8 weeks to discuss nursery and community issues.
  • Eco Group to discuss environmental issues.
  • Garden Gang.

Parental Participation

Parents skills can be invaluable to the nursery and are actively invited to participate in playroom experiences e.g. story telling, Spanish lessons, ethnic cooking etc. We welcome volunteers to help us with the lending library and with the Maths bags.


General information is included in our handbook and we publish a monthly newsletter to inform parents of the monthly events and learning. Home links are issued to inform parents of the monthly experiences and learning taking place which includes ideas of how you can take this forward at home. There are information boards and a learning wall on display and regular leaflets are issued to keep you informed.

Sharing Information

Parents meet with the keyworker twice a year to discuss their child’s progress. Parents are asked to read and add to their child’s learning portfolio on a monthly basis. We encourage parents to discuss their child with their keyworker on an informal basis as this helps to build relationships with families and keeps us up to date with events in the child’s live through sharing achievements and other events.

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