ukTransitions are the moves children and young people make from home to an early learning and childcare (ELCC) setting, from there to primary, from stage to stage, from primary to secondary, between schools and from secondary to further education and beyond.

Transitions and changes are part of everyone's life. The vast majority of children and young people look forward to moving on. However transitions can be challenging and support from parents and staff can help transitions go more smoothly.

What can I do as a parent?

It helps children and young people at all transitions if parents:
talk with them about what is going to happy
encourage them to ask questions
encourage them to talk about any concerns they may have
listen carefully to their concerns and consider sharing them with other relevant people
help them to become familiar with the new school or setting and what will be expected of them.

Transitions at Wellpark

From Home to Early Learning

Children and parents will follow the settling in policy. Parents are asked to stay with their child  for the first couple of days to allow your child to build relationships with staff and familiarise themselves with the playroom environment.

When moving between rooms in the nursery ie from the 2-3 room to the 3-5 playroom. Staff will complete a moving up report for parents detailing their child's development and what will happen next. Children will be taken by their keyworker into the 3-5 playroom to get to know staff and build relationships with their new keyworker.

Transitions To School

Transitions - Starting school

When will my child start school?

Children in Scotland usually start primary school in the August term after their fifth birthday. This generally means that children start school when they are aged between four-and-a-half and five-and-a-half.

How will my child's school help to ensure that transitions go smoothly?

Primary teachers work closely with early learning and childcare staff to ensure that information about your child's learning and achievements is passed on. Staff will also share other information that will help the teacher support your child's learning, for example friendship groups, preferred ways of working.

How can I help?

To help prepare your child for a good start you can:
listen and talk to your child about this change in their live
involve your child in getting ready for school by helping choose the things they will need, for example their uniform, lunchbox, schoolbag
talk to your school if you have questions or concerns
support staff in getting to know your child, let them know about interests and health issues
keep in touch with the school about anything that may affect your child's learningfind out how the school will communicate with you.

You may wish to read or download Parenting across Scotland's top ten tips - starting primary school.

How can I find out more about my child's school?

Attend induction events or introductory sessions - they are designed to let you and your child meet teachers and become familiar with the school. If you cannot attend an event, contact the school and ask if you can go along at another time.

Go prepared with a set of questions covering all the things you and your child want to know about.

All schools in Scotland that are managed by a local authority produce an annual School Handbook. This gives you information about the school, including:
◾Contact details – including information on how the school communicates with its parents and how parents can communicate with the school
◾Information about opportunities for parents to become involved in the school and in their child's education
◾a statement of the school's culture, ethos and values
◾Information on curriculum, assessment and reporting
◾Arrangements for support for pupils
◾School's performance and achievements
◾Range of school policies and practical information.

School Transitions at Wellpark

Children visit their new school with staff to familiarise themselves with the building and staff

Children learn about what is expected at school

Staff and buddies from P6 visit the nursery to build relationships with children.

Children who are attending school alone visit other early years centres to make new friends before starting school

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