Settling In & Enrolment



Once you have been allocated a place at the nursery you will receive a letter asking you to come to the centre and enrol.

This will give you an opportunity to speak to staff, take a look at the centre and ask any questions you may have

Settling In

We want your child to enjoy the nursery experience and feel safe, happy and comfortable in the nursery environment. We have a settling in procedure to allow children the opportunity to get to know the staff and the routine in their first few weeks.

On the first day your child will stay for 1 hour. You will stay with your child on this day in the playroom

On the second day parents are asked to stay in the building so they can be available if needed

On the third day if your child is happy then parents can leave the building for a short time.

All children settle at a different pace and parents and staff will work together to support the transition from home in a sensitive way.

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